I miss communication

created in residency at 360 Xochi Quetzal in Chapala, MX NOV 2020

I miss communication is a trash sculpture. I came to Mexico after starting a long distance relationship over Whatsapp and spent a lot of time thinking about communication and sexuality on the internet and across long distances, how we crave closeness and distance at the same time. I started walking around the lakeside and collecting things. First I found a waterlogged book about television's affect on Mexican education, published in the seventies. Then I found a stripped speaker's wooden panels and hardware on the corner where Gonzallez Gallo turns into the highway. Then I found a record of Angelica Maria's Before the Next Teardrop Falls in the middle of a roundabout. I continued to find trash, flowers, technology that I felt drawn to, and I added it all to the sculpture growing on my patio. The sun set, I flipped on the TV static and bright stage lights I got in Ajijic to alter my new items, stage them imperfectly in the wind that picked up some nights, and paint. After my month in Chapala I documented the sculpture and paintings in a video poem seen above. I also created a double zine called "Poems about America//Poems about an American in Mexico" which is included at the bottom of this page. I put the major elements of the sculpture, the television and gutted speaker, on a trash curb in the center of town.


All paintings included in this series are for sale on a sliding scale $10-$25. Message Joe for more details.

Poems about America//Poems about an American in Mexico